FAQs - General TemplatesForPowerpoint Template Realted Questions

What are your payment terms?

We prefer payment via Paypal.

Is it compatible for all Operating Systems?

Yes, our files are fully compatible for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP Operating system. Moreover, our PowerPoint templates are compatible with Open Office software.

Can I use these templates for My MAC?

Yes, we are having immense collection of templates for MAC.

How your website help me to accomplish my presentation needs?

No matter what the topic, templatesforpowerpoint can help you communicate your idea via powerful presentation. Making presentations on any topic is a stressful task for the presenter. You must have lots of knowledge as well as creativity for creating an outstanding presentation.

Templatesforpowerpoint can help you and save your time. Our templates contain several remarkable PowerPoint templates that are incorporated with various operable characteristics.

Will you create custom presentations?

Yes indeed, we are having custom template service option for the users. You can make templates according to your wish and place your own thoughts to be reflected on the designs.

How do I apply a PowerPoint template to my existing PowerPoint presentation?

After downloading the PowerPoint template (Zip file) from templatesforpowerpoint, you need to Extract the template and save it in the Templates folder on your hard disk. Open the existing presentation and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • 1. While your presentation is open, choose Apply Design Template from the Format Menu

  • 2. Locate the PowerPoint Templates folder and choose the template you want. You will observe a thumbnail image in the navigation palette.

  • 3. Choose apply.

What are the benefits of purchasing templates from Templatesforpowerpoint.com?

We offer presentation solutions with up-to-the-minute designs that empower you to make stunning presentations without putting much effort and without requiring skills whatsoever.

I am living in United Kingdom. Will Templatesforpowerpoint still work for me?

Yes, we are providing services all over the world. Please call us at 1-(800)-736-6815 or request an estimate.

How do you create PowerPoint Templates?

You need to contact one of our PowerPoint experts and they will assist you with making a custom PowerPoint Templates.

How do I create a PowerPoint Templates?

We are having a team of PowerPoint Specialists; they assist you with creating custom PowerPoint templates.

What is 2Checkout charge on my credit card?

Our payments are processed by US based company 2CO (2Checkout) and are reflected as a charge by 2CO.

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